High pressure breathing air compressor providing absolutely clean and dry air.

The Typhoon range series consists of 14 standard models making it the perfect solution for any breathing air, paintball or industrial application; such as fire brigades, military units, diving shops, paintball clubs and others. It is offered in three versions:

  1. Open framed portable with the option of electric motor, petrol and diesel engine for outside use.
  2. Classic stationary with the option of electric motor, petrol and diesel engine.
  3. Silent with soundproof enclosure enabling it to operate in areas where noise is an issue. The Silent version contains digital control panel driving, controlling, protecting and ensuring the safe operation of the compressor.

— Typhoon provides automatic stop & automatic condensate drain facility as standard equipment in all electric models, very low turning speed and pure breathing air according to EN 12021

— Custom design availability in special industrial applications

— Max. Operating Pressure: 350 bar (420 bar option – upon request)

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