High performance compact screw air end, incorporating: large diameter rotors (with heavy-duty roller bearings), intake valve, air filter, oil filter, air/oil separator, oil thermostat, maintenance valve and oil vessel. This design ensures leak-free operation, easy and rapid maintenance, and long service life.

Optimum cooling

Oversized, high performance aluminum coolers with integrated aftercooler, designed to deal with high ambient temperatures.

Multi stage air/oil separation system

Through cyclone separation and coalescing elements, resulting in control of oil transfer with levels never exceeding 2 mg/m3.

Optimized control system

PARAMINA Controller drives, controls, protects & ensures the safe operation of the compressor.

Simple maintenance

Easy and rapid service access, through large doors. All maintenance can be completed from one side of the compressor

Low noise level

Quiet operation through highly efficient soundproofed enclosures.

Ready to go spare parts

Full availability of spare parts in stock, offered at economical prices.

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